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Is There Any Solid Evidence that Flossing Reduces Gum Inflammation or Anything Else?

The Average Person Uses 122 metres of Floss Every Year, We ask Why?

Discover the Latest Scientific View!

They Were Engaged for Three Years and Never Kissed once!

If You Think Cosmetic Dentistry is just a Beauty Treatment, You need to Watch Alexandra’s Story.

Warning: Bring a Handkerchief – You’ll Need it.

If You Have Gum Disease See A Dentist!

If You Don’t Want To Get Gum Disease Read This Article.

Discover what it does (and it is not good) and what to do about it.

Find a dentist near me that can get rid of bad breath fast

Have You Got Bad Breath?

Your Friends May not tell you. But They certainly Tell Each Other.
Discover these little known tips to cure bad breath but beware, it may be more serious than you think.

How Do You look when You Smile?

Do You Have a Stunned Mullet Smile? Learn Some Simple Facial Exercises You Can Do At Home to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Get a New Crown in 40 Minutes at 50% less than the Traditional Cost